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Stage Management is key to a great show, event or live concert production.

It’s a priority that allows organizers, technicians and performers to make sure that everything will proceed positively. It determines:

  • Timings
  • Requirements
  • Roles
  • Equipment

In a nutshell, it is planning how things are supposed to happen and monitoring them while they do. How the stage is prepared for the exhibition, where cables need to be plugged and at which time artists will start the performance, among many other points. But let’s go a bit deeper.

Who is in charge of the Stage Management?

Generally, there is a manager that makes sure things go as planned, but not always it’s the case as productions may differ in size, budget and requirements.

Therefore, the head of the technician – FOH (front of house engineer) – might cover this position, making sure that the show will run as programmed. Depending on the case and size of the event, assisting him, there will be the fold-back (or monitor) engineer and additional technicians, at help to set up the technical aspects of the stage with the given guidelines.

The are four main phases in the Stage Management:

  • Pre-rehearsal preparation
  • First rehearsal
  • Performance
  • Strike

If the event has a certain size or involves a specific field (e.g. theatrical), additional phases might be required to define specific elements of the show.

At the start of these main four parts of the production, communication among all the “departments” is firstly made, as it is priority to guarantee that everybody is on the same page in regards to the event, understanding and recognizing all the roles involved in the production.

The stage is being organized following the stage plan, positioning the instruments and the space for the bands/artists that will perform. Strategies, timings and how to assist the performers are being rehearsed and enhanced at the best before the show, making sure to prepare scenes about the music and the lights. Introduction of different and specific instruments during the show will be planned here, in order to prepare the best position, a dedicated input and channel for it, so that during the live concert/event, issues will be avoided.


As the performance starts, the Stage Management has the duty to assist the artists, providing help, support and any additional technical assistance required.

A strong communication and contact with the control is priority, in order to follow requests and immediate procedures required on the stage – it might be a change of a cable, a broken microphone or of a light to switch. Technicians on the stage must be very responsive in order to assure the positive continuous of the show.


The last phase is quite important as well, as at the end of a production, the stage has to be cleared as quickly as possible. The “strike” is where all the hard work during the setup of the stage has to be undone. A well done procedure will assure a proper and safe custody of the equipment, guaranteeing an ordered collection and making the unload for the next show.

Here at Chaps PA, you may find our services and packages, which include a Stage Management for the best experience of your event. Regardless of its size and location, we are ready to provide the best effort possible, with our experience, know how and high end equipment.

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